Wateau guitars - About me
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About me

Always the highest quality - for the love of the instrument!​

“As a guitar maker, I am a designer, artist and craftsman all in one”

Guitar building is as diverse as life itself!

Each of my handmade guitar is a unique piece because wood, as a living material, never sounds the same.


Portrait - Mathieu Wateau - Gitarrenbauer
It’s me:

Mathieu Wateau, French luthier specializing in the production of acoustic and electric guitars. I also look forward to using your plucked instruments for any repair and maintenance work.

This is my story:

The guitar maker’s dream was always there, but there were a few detours to be taken. Through the cultural sector and then as a guitar expert at the music giant Thomann, the idea of making my wish come true came to grew. So I moved near Lille in France to be trained by master guitar maker Richard Baudry.

With many new impressions, a lot of specialist knowledge and endless ideas, I moved to Berlin in 2013, where I further refined my guitar work in order to offer high quality guitars.

In 2015 my vision came true and my own guitar workshop “Wateau guitars” was officially opened in Berlin. Seven years, several new guitar models and hundreds of repairs later, it was time for a new chapter and so I moved with my family to Brandenburg an der Havel, where I have been working in my in-house workshop since January 2021.

Professionalism is incredibly important to me in my job as a guitar maker and so I am proud and grateful that many customers have accompanied me over the years and even beyond the city limits and still accompany me and are very satisfied with my work.

I am incredibly conscientious and passionate about making acoustic and electric guitars. I really enjoy hearing customer requests and discussing implementation and manufacturing details. I attach particular importance to the choice of wood and every detail, from the appropriate guitar shape and size to mother-of-pearl inlays or the arrangement and shape of the braces on an acoustic guitar. Every guitar is a unique model.