Chill-Out Baby #001 -Wateau guitars - Guitars building and Repairs
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Chill-Out Baby #001

The Chill-Out Baby #001 is the first acoustic guitar I built in 2012. The body shape comes from the well-known L-00 Gibson, but more rounded !

It sounds as expected, that is a lot of medium tones and with a strong sound. After a few years, it has gained more lows ends (Typical European Spruce. Many highs ends first, then the lows ends become more present with time. Likewise, the colouring of the spruces turns yellow with time)

Boden & Zargen:Honduras Mahagoni
Decke:European Fichte
Hals:3-Ply Mahagoni/Ahorn
Mensur: 629mm
Steg, Sattel:Knochen
Mechaniken:Schaller vintage
Finish:PU Matt