Instruments - Acoustic and electric guitars - Wateau guitars
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Handmade and High quaity Instruments

In the “Instruments” section you will find a collection of available models. I build handmade and high-quality instruments for you.

Your dream guitar is built from one of these.

I also build custom instruments outside the collection. Please inquire about prices and schedule.

Acoustic guitars

I offer 3 different models, which I build in small series. Every guitar is a unique model. You are welcome to choose your personal options: wood, scale lenght, lacquer, neck width, bindings, and much more…

Chill-out Baby Akustikgitarre

Chill-Out Baby

The smallest guitar, a L-00 model

Soulmate Modell


An Original body shape between the Chill-Out Baby and the Big Wave Jumbo.

Jumbo Gitarre - Big Wave Modell - Sitka Fichte Decke

Big Wave Jumbo

Super Jumbo body shape

Electric guitars

In the electric guitar section you will find my self-designed electric guitar, the “Joz”. Its body shape is suitable for both electric guitars and basses.

All options are possible – Just ask !

I also like to build custom guitar according to your wishes and needs.

Joz bariton Gitarren


An Original body shape. Good balanced on the shoulder.

Special order, Maton-like electric guitar


A custom order - Maton-like

E-gitarre Stratocaster Modell Cirrus

Cirrus - Irish Coffee

A standard S-Style guitar - in memory of Rory Gallagher


A double cutaway LP-Style

Electric Basses

E-bass Joz Modell

Joz Bass

The Joz Bass is a mix between the Precision and the Jazz-bass.