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Big Wave Jumbo Models

“Pleasantly open, slightly floating sound, which also illuminates the edges of the frequency spectrum.”

Andreas Schulz – Akustik Gitarre

The Big Wave Jumbo is a Super-Jumbo guitar Model

Abmessung Jumbo - Big Wave Gitarrenmodell

The Big Wave Jumbo was originally designed for a customer order. A voluminous body for a large guy, and with a baritone scale (27′′).


The sound as a baritone guitar was so beautiful and very well balanced, that’s I decided to built it with a standard scale. In order to keep the good balanced tone, I wanted to keep the bridge in the same place, so I switched the neck/body connection backwards. That means at the 13th fret instead of the 14th fret.


“The voluminous body gives the instrument a pleasantly open, slightly floating sound, which also illuminates the edges of the frequency spectrum. The mids are well represented, but very different from what is known for focused sounding guitars in smaller designs. It sounds softer, friendlier and a little less direct. You can celebrate wonderful chord tapestries on the Big Wave”. – Andreas Schulz – Akustik Guitarre


This model is available as baritone (27′′) or standard tuning (25.6′′).

Big Wave Jumbo #017
Back & sides: flamed wlnut
Top: Sitka Spruce
Big Wave jumbo #012
Back & sides: Madagascar Rosewood
Top: Sitka Spruce
Big Wave Jumbo #009 - Lady mit Hut
Back & sides: Walnut
Top: Sitka Spruce