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Infos and Prices to order your guitar

How to order:

  1. Contact by phone, e-mail or visit us at the workshop

  2. We will configure your guitar project together, according to your wishes and needs, and create a cost estimate.

  3. After acceptance of the offer and the signing of an order contract, a 30% non-refundable deposit must be paid. Rest of the payment when the instrument is finished (usually it takes 8-12 months, but the exact time cannot be specified as each piece is unique).

  4. Prices do not change while waiting.

* As a small business owner within the meaning of § 19 (1) of the UStG, no value added tax is charged.

Akustik-Gitarren (Basis-Preise):
Chill-Out Baby3950,00 €
Soulmate4150,00 €
Soulmate - Nylon - Crossover4150,00 €
Jumbo - Big Wave4150,00 €
Jumbo - Bariton4150,00 €
E-Instrumenten (Basis-Preise)
Joz-Gitarre (Standard/Bariton)ab 2200,00 €
Joz-Bass (4-Saitiger)ab 2200,00 €
Kustom-Modelle/Kopie (S-Stil, Tele) - Flat-topab 2000,00 €
Gewölbte Decke - geleimter Hals (LP-Stil)ab 3750,00 €
Chambered-Korpus (F-Loch)ab 2500,00 €

Due to the wide choice of options, contact us for a personal quote.

Acoustic Guitars

Im Basis-Preis enthalten:
Decke:European Fichte (Jura) - Sitka Fichte - Zeder
Boden & Zargen:Mahagoni - Nussbaum - Kirschbaum - Ind. Palisander - Ahorn - Ovangkol
Hals:Mahagoni - Nussbaum - Ahorn
Mensur:629mm - 645mm - 650mm - 686mm (Baritone 27")
Griffbrett: Ind. Palisander - Ebenholz
Mensur, Griffbrettbreite, Halsprofil nach Wunsh. Linkshänderversion ohne Aufpreis.
Schalloch-Verzierung:Holzkern (passend mit Zargen) mit Zierspänen
Bindings:Ebenholz, Ind. Palisander, Mahagoni, Bloodwood + Decke purfling w/s oder w/s/w/s
Lackierung:Matt - Poly-Urethan oder Zellulose
Mechaniken:Gotoh 510, Grover Sta-lite, Schaller
Inkl. Koffer (Hiscox oder passender Koffer)
Aufpreis Sonderausstattung:
Haselfichte Decke(Bear claw)
1ste Klasse Fichte/Zeder
150.00 €
Madagaskar Palisander Special/Master600,00 €
Riegelhölzer: Ahorn, Nussbaum, Mahagoni, Ovangkol120.00 €
Cocobolo400,00 €
Griffbrett: Ahorn Roasted / Ebenholz / Makassar Ebenholz / Ziricote50/50/80/100 €
Vogel-Muschelahorn250,00 €
Ebenholz500,00 €
Ziricote, Koa800,00 €