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Services – Prices

All the infos and prices about repair services

As a guitar maker I perform many repairs and standard services such as guitar setup (guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin) as well as fret jobs, painting jobs, install pickup or replacement, repair of cracks  on acoustic guitar top...

Feel free to contact me.

All prices are approximate (each guitar is different and requires customized work). A free quote is prepared in the workshop after initial testing of the instrument with the customer.


The setting-up job shall include:


Neck and strings height adjustment, adjustment of the saddle, bridge, compensation, octave, fingerboard cleaning and oiling (rosewood, ebony), small cleaning, electronic check, tightening all screws and more…

– new strings are not included in the price, but are necessary for a good setup (you are welcome to bring your own strings).

Standard Setup:
55,- €
Acoustic, electric, bass, mandolin, banjo
12-strings/ Floyd-rose:
70,- €


Strings installation 4/6 strings / 12-Strings or Floyd-rose
20,- € / 40,- €
new nut saddle/ bridge saddle (Knochen)
ab 40,- €
Install of Tuners
ab 30,- € + Material
more on demand...


Fret levelling, dressing, polishing (inkl. Setup)
150,- €
Re-fretting (Standard)
250,- €
Re-fretting (Lacqued Ahorn neck, Gibson-Style with Bindings...)
on demand
one fret
15€ the first one, 5€ the other one
(+ Fret levelling)
Fret edges filing
40,- €
Dots insert
ab 10,-€ + Material

Finishing Job

The painting of a guitar, especially an acoustic guitar, is a long and tedious process.
There is a large phase of wood preparation (sanding, pore filling) and several layers of varnish interspersed with sanding phases.
I work mainly with spray paint, polyurethane and cellulose coatings, sometimes also with shellac, mainly for repairs.

In my workshop, I have a painting booth with filtration and air purification that allows me to work cleanly, both for my health and for the environment.
This coating method allows me to produce very fine coatings in the range of 0.15 / 0.20 mm, whereby the wood has a great vibration capability.

Acoustik guitars:

Acoustic guitar - Full
ab 500,- €
Clear PU/Nitro- matt/high gloss
Acoustic guitar top
ab 240,- €
Clear PU/Nitro
Acoustic guitar Neck
ab 170,- €
Clear PU/Nitro - matt/high gloss

Electric guitars and Basses:

Full guitar - Lespaul-Styl
ab 850,- €
Glued neck - carved top
ab 170,- € / 250,- €
matt / Highgloss
ab 275,- € / 400,- €
matt/high gloss


Lack damage repair
ab 40,- €
Color: transparent one color/ opak / burst
+100, € / +250,- € / +250,- €
Relic Jobs
ab 300,- €
on demand

More Repair Services

Broken neck
ab 40,- €
(without lack repair)
Re-glued - Acoustic guitar bridge
ab 45,- €
Installing Pickups - Acoustic guitars
ab 40,- €
+ Material
Change Poti
ab 15,- €
+ Material
Change insert Jack
ab 10,- €
Change Electric guitars pickup
ab 20,- € / Stuck
Shielding electronics cavities
ab 40,- €