Wateau guitars - Chill-Out Baby guitar models
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Chill-Out Baby

Chill-Out Baby Modell

Chill-Out Baby

The Chill-Out Baby guitar is a 00 format guitar, taking the dimensions of its big sister, the Gibson L-00.
It’s a guitar with a rich sound, rather medium, but with a good bass balance. A great travel or studio companion.

The body shape is based on the dimensions of a Gibson L-00 but with more rounded shapes.
It delivers rich and powerful sound in a spectrum from low-mid to high-mid.
Although the model it comes from is intended more for bluegrass, I made some improvements to the bracing, soundhole size and bridge positioning to give it deeper bass.
Compared to the Soulmate model (OM-like), the Chill-Out Baby is less massive (due to its body size), but just as powerful and even more present in the medium.

I offer them with different scale lengths (650mm, 645mm, 629mm) with the neck-body join at the 14th fret as well as at the 12th fret with a cutaway.


  • Overall lenght: 103,00 cm
  • Upper Bout: 26,00 cm
  • Waist: 20,50 cm
  • Lower Bout: 37,20 cm
  • Body lenght: 48,50 cm


Letzte Modelle:

Chill-Out Baby #014
Back & sides: Khaya Mahogany
Top: Red cedar
Chill-Out Baby #024
Boden & Zargen: Ind. Palisander AAA
Decke: Sitka Fichte bearclaw AAA
Chill-Out Baby #022
Boden & Zargen: American Cherry
Decke: Sitka Fichte AA