Soulmate Nylon - Crossover 016 - Wateau guitars - Guitar Building and Repairs
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Soulmate Nylon – Crossover 016

Soulmate Nylon Crossover #016

The Soulmate Crossover #016 is a folk guitar with nylon strings. This means that it is not a classical guitar in the work of art, but a folk guitar for those who prefer to play with nylon strings, for sound and comfort.
The assembly of the body of  Indian rosewood and red cedar gives it a rich and precise sound. The Basses are round and well defined, the treble clear and precise. Very comfortable playing with chords or finger -picking.

Boden & Zargen:Indischer Palisander
Decke:Fichte aus Jura
Hals:Mahagoni - Ebenholz Griffbrett - Mensur 645mm
Brücke:Indischer Palisander
Ober- u. Stegsattel:Knochen
Mechaniken:Schaller Grand-Tune (ball bearings)
Bindings: Riegel-Muninga
Tonabnehemer:K&K Trinity Classic Pro
Lackierung:PU Matt, gebeizte Decke
Sonstiges:Hiscox Pro Koffer
Preis:5250,00 € - Zu verkaufen bei Gitarren Meckbach (Berlin)